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BotMagic: Elevating Customer Experience with AI Chatbots

Transforming businesses, startups, and AI enthusiasts through powerful, customizable AI chatbots

BotMagic's Power Players: Are You One?

For Established Businesses

Enhance Internal Productivity with Workplace Bots

Unleash the full potential of your workforce with BotMagic. Our platform is tailor-made for businesses looking to streamline operations and bolster productivity. •Access to Internal Data: Our bots seamlessly integrate with your internal data sources and knowledge bases, helping your employees perform tasks efficiently. Imagine a bot that pulls up sales reports on-demand or accesses product specifications in real-time. That’s the power of BotMagic. •Bots for Intranet and Ticketing Systems: Enhance your internal communication channels by deploying bots on your intranet pages and ticketing systems. From sidebars to widgets, our bots assist employees, answer queries, and streamline tasks. •Business-specific Bots: Every organization is unique, and so are your chatbot needs. Create chatbots specifically trained on your business data to facilitate automated assistance tailored to your organizational needs. •BotMagic Productivity Suite: Go beyond bot creation with our comprehensive suite of tools designed for efficient bot development. Bolster your information security, facilitate collaborative team management, manage versions, control prompts, manage tokens and more.


For Customer Engagers

Engage Customers with Website Chatbots

Transform your website into an interactive platform with BotMagic. Our bots captivate customers and enhance user experiences. •Sales and Support Tools: Deploy bots to assist customers with product inquiries, provide support, collect feedback, or guide them through the sales funnel. Enhance your sales process, support system, and overall customer journey with BotMagic. •Enhanced Customer Engagement: Engagement is key to customer retention. Our bots help you create interactive experiences that engage customers with your content, promote your products, or gather valuable feedback. •Floating Widget Chatbots: Create bots that seamlessly assist and interact with customers - no coding required. Integrate your chatbots with your knowledge base and unique data sources for comprehensive customer service. Set the look and feel of the bot according to your brand and you’re ready to go. •BotMagic Productivity Suite: From development to deployment, our suite of tools ensure a smooth bot journey. Efficient development, management, and team collaboration are just the tip of the iceberg.

For AI Startups

Accelerate Generative AI Application Development

Fuel your innovation with BotMagic, the essential tool for AI startups looking to revolutionize the market. •Language Model Management: Easily switch between models to observe changes in application behavior and decouple bots from models, giving you the flexibility for rapid prototyping. Compare performances between GPT3.5, GPT3.5-16K, GPT4 and more. •IP Protection: We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. Secure your innovations by hiding system prompts and creating prompt shortcuts that obscure actual prompts from end users, all while maintaining proper context towards the LLM. •BotMagic Productivity Suite: Utilize our universal suite of features to expedite development, ensure security, streamline team management, and more. Get to the market faster and safer with BotMagic.

Drapery Fabric

For Hobbyists and AI Enthusiasts

Explore the World of AI

Dive into the world of AI with BotMagic, a playground for hobbyists and enthusiasts eager to experiment and learn. •Fine-tuned Controls: Tinker with lower level settings and adjustments for a personalized bot development experience. BotMagic gives you the keys to control and create at will. •Verbose API Debugging: Our platform provides full transparency on data sent to OpenAI, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of AI workings. •BotMagic Productivity Suite: Our suite of tools enables you to delve into bot creation, versioning, security, and more. Start exploring today with BotMagic.


Productivity Suite

BotMagic productivity suite offers a robust set of features that all users can leverage to optimize bot development and management


Robust Information Security

With features ensuring your data isn’t used to train models, options to run services on your own VPC, and controlled access with user and bot admin management, BotMagic puts security at the forefront.

collaborative team

Collaborative Team Management

Collaboration made smooth with features enabling role assignment and permission management. Work together securely and effectively with BotMagic

version control

Version Control & Management

Keep track of your bot development journey. Iterate on prompts using version control, track bot responses to specific versions, and restore to older or newer versions as needed.

prompt conrol

Advanced Prompt Control

Fine-tune your bot behavior with customized system prompts. Define prompt shortcuts for frequently performed tasks and enhance your bot efficiency.

token mamagement

Efficient Token Management

Gain control over token content count as you type and manage allocations between input, output, system, and chat history. Understand your token usage and optimize accordingly.

vector database

Seamless Embeddings and Vector Database Management

Unleash the power of context with BotMagic. Use any document or context as input for your bot, and let us manage the embeddings and vector database for you. Choose between multiple industry leading NLP models and algorithms for large context.

Join us on a journey of innovation and efficiency. Let’s make magic happen with BotMagic!

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